Bill Gates House
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Bill Gates House
1835 73rd Ave NE
Medina, WA 98039
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Bill Gates co-founded of Microsoft with Paul Allen and for many years was the richest man in the world. His home is located in Medina on the east shore of Lake Washington. He bought the land in 1988 for 2 million dollars and spent the next seven years building the home. It was completed in 1995.

In 2010 the appraisal value for the home was $127,000,000. His home is 66,000 sq ft which is equal to 1.5 acres of covered space. According to, in 2008, the average square footage of a one family was 2519 sq ft. That makes Gates home twenty six times the size of the average one family home.

Bill Gates house has many stunning features. Visitors are given a pin containing a preprogrammed microchip that knows their interests. As they walk around the home adapts to your interests. For example, if you walk into a room the temperature will be adjusted, music that you enjoy will be played and digital pictures hanging on the wall will display your favorite artwork.