The Seattle Waterfront
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The Seattle Waterfront
1366 Alaskan Way
Seattle, WA 98101

The Seattle Waterfront starts from Broad St. all the way down to Union St. in downtown Seattle. There are many attractions such as; fishing piers, bike paths, an exercise course, wildlife habitat preservation, a boat launch and numerous benches and paths along the shoreline. You can also enjoy many beautiful views such as; the city skyline, the waterfront, the ships in dry dock, container cranes, the West Seattle Bridge, Magnolia Bluff, Blake Island, Bainbridge, and, on a clear day, the Olympic Mountains.

There is a beautiful Waterfront Fountain made of cast and welded bronze shaped in cubical structures. It is one of Seattle's five public fountains by sculptor James FitzGerald, the others located at the IBM Building (5th Ave. & University St.), Plymouth Congregational Church (6th Ave. & Seneca St.), Intiman Playhouse (Seattle Center), and Jefferson Terrace Retirement Home (800 Jefferson St.); all are bronze. At the south end of the park, a somewhat larger than life bronze abstract statue of Christopher Columbus gazes out at the water.

There are also many restaurants, the Seattle Aquarium, and the Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center to enjoy there as well.