Discovery Park
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Discovery Park
3801 W Government Way
Seattle, WA 98199
(206) 386-4236

Discovery Park occupies 534 acres making it the largest park in Seattle. The site is also home to the US Army base Fort Lawton and is occupied by military housing. Due to a surplus of land the military gave the land to the city and Discovery Park was created in 1973.

Discovery Park is the most remote park in Seattle. There are close to 12 miles of trails that run through out the park. The main trail is the loop which stretches almost 3 miles around the park. The loop has spectacular views of the Puget Sound, MT. Rainier and the Olympic and Cascade Mountains.

The park also has two beaches the north beach and the south beach. The Discovery Park lighthouse sits between the two beaches. Although you can drive down to the beach you must have a permit to park there. Permits are available at the discovery park environmental learning center for seniors, groups with small children or disabled individuals.

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