Green Lake Park
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Green Lake Park
7201 E Green Lake Dr. N
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 684-0780

Green Lake has been one of the most favored parks by Seattle residents since the late 1800's. It received its name when Surveyor David Phillips stumbled upon it in 1855 and referred to it as ?Green Lake? in his survey logs. The park was designed by the Olmsted group, the same organization that designed Central Park in Manhattan. By 1911, so many residences were living on the lake that it was drained, creating 100 new acres to construct the park on.

A century later Green Lake offers an energetic environment for its visitors. It has areas to play baseball, softball, basketball, tennis and volleyball. Boats (paddle boats, row boats and kayaks) can be rented on from "Green Lake Boat rentals" on the northeast side of the lake for $14.00 per hour. If you don't want to throw down the dollars there's always the 2.8 mile paved path around the lake. It's popular with Seattleites that like to go walking, running, biking and rollerblading. Parking is kind of scarce on the weekend or during the summer months but it?s well worth the temporary hassle.

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