Tutta Bella
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Tutta Bella
2200 Westlake Ave, Suite 112
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 624-4422

Tutta Bella is a Neapolitan Pizzeria located in South Lake Union. Their pizza is different from traditional in that it’s much thinner with more gourmet ingredients. It’s quickly cooked in a wood burning over for around 90 seconds. Unlike traditional American pizza Tutta Bella’s pizza is easier to eat with a fork.

Tutta Bella on Westlake Ave does more than just pizza. They have a great wine selection created around an Italian theme. There is window seating that gives you a view of the space needle. Although I went during the day I could imagine the space needle looks much better at night. If you look at the menu and aren’t sure what to order I recommend the Pancetta E Pomodoro pizza. It has bacon and tasty fire roasted tomatoes.

The pricing is good for the quality of food you receive. The cost of a pizza is between 9 and 13 dollars. Parking is validated for up to an hour and a half in the parking garage on 9th and Westlake ave. Please call Tutta Bella to verify parking information.