Northgate Mall
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Northgate Mall
401 NE Northgate Way
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 362-4778

Northgate opened in 1950 and was the first shopping center to ever be called a “mall”. In 2009 Northgate went through some major renovations. Before the area did not have a variety of restaurants like Alderwood and southcenter but since the renovations there is restaurants called Stanfords and the Ram to add to red robin and azteca. They also added a spectacular movie theater across the street that has some of the best leather seats you’ll find at any movie theatre. As far as the mall goes its pretty standard. It used to be one of the nicer malls but alderwood and Westfield (southcenter) have surpassed it since its glory days. It has large department stores such as Nordstrom, Macy’s and JCPenny. Across the street is a Ross, Target and Best Buy. The problem with Northgate is the layout. The food court is at one end of the mall and so are the restrooms. If your at one end of the mall you have to go all the way to the food court to find a restroom. Some of the larger department stores like Macy’s has a restroom but you’ll have to hunt them down.